Change Log

version 1.4 iOS / June 25, 2020

UI Improvements

  • upon adding a Project or an Idea, the navigation takes you directly to the newly added object
  • in Do, the time and context tables are now collapsable, allowing for better focus
  • in Decide, when setting a due date for a task in a Project, there is a new UI in place, a datepicker with project start and end date, enforcing the date selection within that range

Bug fixes

  • improved editing for Tasks in Asses
  • in Decide, order undecided tasks by last modified first
  • fixed a Collection but when the deleted task was deleting a task


  • ZenTasktic complies with Apple requirements for tracking, asking permission on first launch. The free version is still supported by advertising, the paid one doesn’t have any ads.

version 1.3 / November 20, 2020

UI Improvements

  • on Mac, in Decide, clicking on a row goes directly to the task / project / idea now, without showing the popover menu anymore
  • aligned all images top table cell in all custom cells
  • adjusted icon sizes and positions in custom list cells
  • adjusted Today label color in Do

Bug fixes

  • solved a bug in which UIDatePicker wasn’t showing on Decide Task View (it was showing in the subtask view, when the task was inside a project)
  • fixed double navigation bug for assess projects / ideas / collections detail view
  • updated some contextual menu obsolete method calls

version 1.1 / February 11, 2020

  • alerts on both iOS and Mac OS
  • swipe to send items from one realm to another (double finger swipe on trackpad on Mac OS)
  • refactored the adding items UI
  • enhanced explanatory titles when adding items
  • ability to add items from secondary sections (tasks, projects, ideas, contexts, collections)
  • send Feedback via email in Settings
  • new, enhanced onboarding flow
  • cloudKit sync and data stabilization
  • stability improvements to the subscription flow
  • order tasks last in first out
  • new AppStore assets

version 1.0.1 / January 24, 2020

  • fixed a bug which prevented the app to be displayed correctly on iPhone dark mode
  • refactored the main add data overlay for better UX
  • refactored calendar and context UI in Decide for better UX and increased stability
  • items can now be add in Assess on each detail controller too (tasks, projects, ideas, contexts and collections)

version 1.0 / January 11, 2020

  • initial release