Version 1.4 Live In The AppStore (iOS)

This is a feature / maintenance release, with a few significant UI updates and bug fixes. Here’s what’s new:

UI Improvements

  • upon adding a Project or an Idea, the navigation takes you directly to the newly added object
  • in Do, the time and context tables are now collapsable, allowing for better focus
  • in Decide, when setting a due date for a task in a Project, there is a new UI in place, a datepicker with project start and end date, enforcing the date selection within that range

Bug fixes

  • improved editing for Tasks in Asses
  • in Decide, order undecided tasks by last modified first
  • fixed a Collection but when the deleted task was deleting a task


  • ZenTasktic complies with Apple requirements for tracking, asking permission on first launch. The free version is still supported by advertising, the paid one doesn’t have any ads.

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