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  • Version 1.4 Live In The AppStore (iOS)
    This is a feature / maintenance release, with a few significant UI updates and bug fixes. Here’s what’s new: UI Improvements upon adding a Project or an Idea, the navigation takes you directly to the newly added objectin Do, the time and context tables are now collapsable, allowing for better focusin Decide, when setting a … Read more
  • Version 1.3 Live In AppStore
    This is a maintenance release, with a few minor UI updates and bug fixes. Here’s what’s new: UI Improvements on Mac, in Decide, clicking on a row goes directly to the task / project / idea now, without showing the popover menu anymore aligned all images top table cell in all custom cells adjusted icon … Read more
  • Reusable Habits
    We are all living in unusual circumstances, and we all have to adjust to a new reality. As I’m adjusting to these new contexts, I observed that some of my habits can be safely reused, no matter the location.  Working From Coffee Shops After more than 10 years of being a digital nomad, some habits … Read more
  • Version 1.1 Live in AppStore
    This is the first major release since this initial launch. Here are the most important updates: – Alerts on both iOS and Mac OS– Swipe to send items from one realm to another (double finger swipe on trackpad on Mac OS)– Refactored the adding items UI– Enhanced explanatory titles when adding items– Ability to add … Read more
  • Version 1.0 Live in AppStore
    The initial version of ZenTasktic, 1.0, is live in AppStore. You can download it for free by following the link below. There are different versions for iPhone / iPad and Mac OS.